1. Reducing Barriers to Professional Development Bursary

ARPA and the Alberta Ministry of Culture and Tourism have created the Reducing Barriers to Professional Development Bursary for professionals working in the recreation and parks sector in Alberta. Bursaries equivalent to 2/3s of the program course fees (registration fee not covered) will be made available for recreation and parks professionals interested in participating in the CPRA Professional Development Certification. Eligible recipients must work in rural, remote, northern or Aboriginal and Metis Communities.

* You do not need to apply before registering for the Winter 2017 course *

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  Registration Fee Courses Total
Without Bursary $290 $465 x 2 = $930 $1,220
With Bursary $290 $155 x 2 = $310 $600

If you are interested in learning more about this bursary, please contact Janet Naclia, ARPA Programs Manager, at jnaclia@arpaonline.ca.

2. Recreation for Life Foundation CPRA PDC Registration Bursary

There are five $200 awards available as part of the CPRA PDC Registration Bursary. Please note that these awards are reserved for new professionals.

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new professional is an ARPA member* who has either:
     A)  started a career in the sector in the past five years OR
     B) graduated from a degree or diploma in a related program in the past five years

*If you work for a municipality in Alberta, please check with your supervisor to verify that you are an ARPA member. If you are unsure whether or not you are an ARPA member, contact our office at 780-415-1745 to confirm.

Ongoing applications - reviewed on the last Friday of every month.

If you have any questions about this application, please contact Craig Cameron, Director of CPRA PDC, at ccameron@arpaonline.ca

3. Canada-Alberta Job Grant

Non-Governmental Organizations (municipalities are not eligible) employing individuals interested in CPRA PDC are eligible to receive a grant equivalent to 2/3s of the program’s course fees (registration fee is not covered), providing the individual has not registered for the course prior to their grant application. Each grant offers a maximum of $10,000 per employee during a 52 week period.

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* You must apply before registering for courses *

  Registration Fee Courses Total
Without Grant $290 $465 x 2 = $930 $1,220
With Grant $290 $155 x 2 = $310 $600

* Please be advised that the PDF forms are only accessible with an Internet Explorer browser

Required Form Information

Delivery Method: Online
Credential Awarded on Completion: Certificate
Provider Type: Industry Association
Provider Name: CPRA Professional Development Certification
Mailing Address: 11759 Groat Road NW
City: Edmonton
Postal Code: T5M 3K6
Phone Number: 780-415-1745