Research and Publications

Date Title Author
2012 Developing After School Partnerships and Programs: A Resource Guide for Community Groups Graham Clyne
2011 After School Recreation Programs: Work Force Development Strategies Graham Clyne, Casey Boodt, and Margie Ronca
2011 Collaborative Planning & Action for Community Sport & Recreation Development Alberta Recreation and Parks Association
2011 Reporting on the Pan Canadian Survey Re: Children and Nature Yates, Thorn and Associates
2010 Healthy by Nature: Up Close and Personal - Investing in Community Parks, Open Space and Nature Education RC Strategies
2010 Public Funding of Recreation in Alberta: Final Report Nichols Applied Management
2010 The Role of Recreation, Parks, and Open Space in Regional Planning: A Working Guidelines Report O2 Planning and Design
2010 Bulletin 1: The Role of Recreation, Parks & Open Space in Regional Planning Tim Burton
2010 Bulletin 2: Objectives and Strategies for the Integration of Recreation, Parks and Open Space in Regional Plans Tim Burton
2010 Stone Soup: A Recipe for an After School Recreation Strategy in Alberta Graham Clyne
2009 AfterSchool Recreation Initiatives - Final Report 2009 CDC Consultants
2009 AfterSchool Recreation Initiatives - Executive Summary CDC Consultants
2008 Public Perceptions on Use and Benefits of Local Government Recreation and Parks Services - Research Summary JHarper & Associates
2008 Children and Nature Provincial Dialogue – Proceedings Alberta Recreation and Parks Association
2007 Assessing the Proximate Value of Parks & Open Spaces to Residential Properties in Alberta Serecon Management Consulting Inc.
2007 Assessing the Proximate Value of Parks & Open Spaces to Residential Properties in Alberta: Executive Summary Serecon Management Consulting Inc.
2006 Alberta's Growing Business of Recreation Tim Berrett (Caminata Consulting)
2006 Community Recreation Infrastructure Report ARPA Infrastructure Committee
2006 Foundations for Action: Enhancing the Quality of Life in Alberta Vision 2015 Committee
2005 Project Overview 2002-2005: Alberta Recreation Industry Labour Market Analysis Tim Burton (Tavis Consulting)
2005 2005 Parks Forum Final Report - Parks Landscapes and Open Spaces: A New Tomorrow Dan Chambers, ARPA Parks Forum Coordinator
2005 Phase Three - Final Report: Alberta Recreation Industry Labour Market Analysis Manecon Business Strategies Inc.
2005 Municipal Greenspace Allocation Report Randall Conrad & Associates
2004 Active Lifestyles Workshops Final Report Carol Petersen (BPR Consulting)
2003 Phase One and Two - Final Report Alberta Recreation Industry Labour Market Analysis Tavis Consulting, Caminata Consulting and WillowBridge Consulting
2003 Final Report: National Youth Development through Recreation Symposium Heather Cowie
2003 The Quality of Life Sector in a Recreating Society - A "Vision" Discussion Paper Carr Leiren & Associates
2003 Active Communities Framework Anielski Management Inc. and CDC Recreation
2002 The Public Financing of Recreation and Culture in Alberta: An Historical Review Peter Nichols (Nichols Applied Management & Economic Consultant)
2002 Benefits of Recreation: Model Projects Final Report Carol Petersen (BPR Consulting)
2002 Proceedings of the Vision 2015 Symposium: Leisure, Wellness, Prosperity and Quality of Life Cheryl Mahaffy (Words that Sing)
2001 Principal Findings of a Project on Community Recreation Development and Delivery in Alberta Tim Burton (Tavis Consulting) & Gary Debney (CDC Recreation Inc.)
2001 Nature, Impacts and Implications of Rising Natural Gas and Electricity Costs for Community Recreation Development in Alberta Lynne Dale (WillowBridge Consulting)
2001 Strategic Considerations for Recreation & Parks In Support of the Alberta Vision Sharon Matthias (Matthias Inc.)
2001 An Applied Recreation Research Network for Alberta (ARRNA) Tim Burton (Tavis Consulting)