Position Papers

Modernized Municipal Government Act - ARPA Comments (2016)

Comments and updated recommendations on the Modernized Municipal Government Act (Bill 21).

Municipal Government Act Revisions - ARPA Comments (2014)

Comments on the Municipal Government Act Revisions.

PLAY - It's Serious Business (2011)

A discussion paper prepared by ARPA on the importance of free and unstructured PLAY and the critical benefits PLAY has on human development.

Community Spirit Program Submission (2007)

ARPA and the Recreation for Life Foundation submission to the MLA's Community Spirit Program Committee on the Community Spirit Program

Investing in Healthy People & Communities through Community Recreation and Parks Infrastructure (2006)

A position paper prepared by ARPA related to investment needs in Community Recreation Infrastructure.

Shared Action Plan (2005)

This paper, presented to the Premier in April 2005, represents those initiatives that ARPA believes could best optimize the stated strategic directions stemming from the recent Throne Speech and other Alberta Government reports.

Recreation: A Best Buy in Public Health (2004 / republished 2009)

This paper explore recreation's potential as a wellness investment—one that is imperative for a healthy and affordable future as the cost of curing the sick skyrockets in Alberta.

Tobacco Reduction (2003)

This paper summarizes the ARPA position related to the goal of reducing tobacco consumption and addiction in Alberta and the importance of smoke-free environments to quality of life.

Trail Development (2002)

This paper outlines ARPA's belief and commitment to the value of trails and greenways to the overall quality of life of Albertans.

Diversity (2002)

This paper speaks to ARPA's commitment to improving the quality of life for all Albertans by ensuring the availability of meaningful opportunities for a full range of leisure activities to all citizens.