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Learning Through Experience Trips

  • Are you part of an Alberta group (school, youth or club) with youth between the ages of 13 and 19?
  • Can you demonstrate your commitment to experiential learning that promotes physical activity in nature and outdoor environmental education?
  • Can you show why your group is deserving to win this trip?

Then apply for a Joy in Nature trip! The application deadline is November 30, 2018 and the two-day trips will take place in February or March!

Apply Now!

*Spring applications will open January 3rd, 2019 for trips to Jasper, Nordegg & Kananaskis! Stay tuned for more information.

2019 Prize Packages:


  • Accommodations - Free accommodations of 25 beds for one night at Hostelling International's hostel HI Athabasca Falls 
  • Full day ski trip to Marmot Basin
  • Interpretive Programming at Palisades Stewardship Education

*Trip packages are subject to change

Application Criteria:

  • Youth must be between the ages of 13 and 19 and be residents of Alberta.
  • You must be part of an organized group - school, youth group or club and a lead person from the organization must complete the application.
  • Demonstrate why your group is deserving of this experiential learning trip and explain the impact this experience will have for your youth.
  • Share how your group is committed to creating experiential learning that promotes physical activity in nature and outdoor environmental education currently and beyond the trip.
  • Organizational capacity to cover all additional expenses beyond what is included in the prize (transportation costs and all food costs) and additional people or extended stay costs.
  • You must be able to claim the prize sometime in December - the winning group will choose from two possible dates.
  • You must follow your school, youth group or organization's safety and risk management policies. Your organization is fully responsible for the well-being and safety of the youth on this trip.
  • Group size - maximum of 25 (this includes chaperones). Larger groups may be negotiated (and based on availability). Minimum group size is 10 youth.

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