Programs: High Five : Aboriginal HIGH FIVE


Aboriginal HIGH FIVE® empowers Indigenous leaders across Alberta to enhance the quality of sport and recreation programs in their communities. These leaders will be engaged in rethinking aspects of the program to best meet the needs of Indigenous children.

In 2015, The Alberta Recreation and Parks Association received $25,000 in funding from the RBC and Canadian Sport for Life Learn to Play Project and an additional $17,000 from Telus to create a new Aboriginal Component for the HIGH FIVE® Program.

In January of 2017, ARPA received funding to continue Aboriginal HIGH FIVE®. For the second phase of the Aboriginal HIGH FIVE project, the Government of Alberta provided $25,000 for the Recreation and Physical Activity Project Grant Program, Telus provided $10,400, and The Edmonton Community Foundation provided $10,605 from a community grant.

For this part of the project, ARPA plans to provide Quest 2 and Team Management training through NAIT for Aboriginal Leaders. The purpose is to provide Indigenous trainers with the needed certification requirements, and to allow the trainers to make the necessary cultural adaptations to Quest 2, making it relevant in their communities. After the completion of Quest 2, the trainers will be able to mentor others in the HIGH FIVE® program.