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Trained, volunteer judges travel to the communities during July and August and use the Evaluation Form to conduct their evaluations based on the overall contributions of municipal council and departments, industry, businesses and the private sector, including volunteer efforts. Following the evaluation, the total number of points recorded on the Evaluation Form is used to assign a “Bloom Rating” of 1 to 5 Blooms.

A certificate, along with the Bloom Rating is awarded to each of the participating communities at an Awards Banquet and Ceremony in the fall. This annual event also presents an opportunity for the communities to network amongst each other as well as to receive additional feedback and advice from the judges.

2017 CiB Evaluation Form

Meet our 2017 CiB Alberta Judges

Alice Laine
Berta Briggs
Bob Cote
Emily Neis
Faye Kerry
Gillian Evans
John Helder
Linda Lockwood
Linda Tomlinson
Lorna McIlroy
Lorrie McFadden
Marie Wenger
Maureen Sexsmith
Rose Carmichael
Sharon Miller
Sherry Cote