Programs: Children & Youth Programs


The Alberta Recreation and Parks Association oversees provincial implementation of a variety of programs and initiatives related to children and youth recreation, including Everybody gets to play™, HIGH FIVE®, Kids at Hope, Sogo Active, PLAY, After School, and the Youth Development Through Recreation Services (YDRS) Symposium.

As a result of its extensive children and youth programs and initiatives, ARPA has developed a comprehensive Children and Youth Model that:

1. Encompasses a philosophy based on the belief that all children and youth across Alberta should have access to quality recreation, sport, and physical activity programs;
2. Undertakes relevant research and provides sectoral leadership;
3. Ensures professional development opportunities are available across Alberta.


Implementation of these programs and initiatives is guided by ARPA's Children and Youth Committee.

Children and Youth Committee Mandate

To focus and advance the role that recreation plays in positive child and youth development across Alberta.

To learn more about the Children and Youth Committee please contact Heather Wicksted Chair, Children and Youth Committee or Pamela Jones, Coordinator, Children and Youth Programs. 

Committee Members:

  • Heather Wicksted,  Chair
  • Jessica Gray
  • Jennifer Goeres
  • Pearl  Kapitzke
  • Graham Thomson
  • Shelley Kwong
  • Jodi Smith
  • Keely Willment
  • Ashley Fox
  • Karina Damgaard
  • Lindsay Wright
  • Vicki Harber
  • Nadine Van Wyk
  • Sarah Kemmers
  • Matt Leung
  • Stephanie Mitschke
  • Amanda Ebert
  • Tim Fox


ARPA is pleased to annually recognize excellence in projects that focus on youth recognition using a youth development model through the Excellence in Youth Development Award.

Training and Development Opportunities

Everybody gets to play™ Workshops
HIGH FIVE® Training Sessions
YDRS Symposium


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Alberta Children's Services
Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada
Calgary AfterSchool
Canada's Physical Activity Guides for Children and Youth
Canadian Council on Social Development
Child Trends Data Bank
Children & Nature Network
Esteem Team
Everybody gets to play™ Alberta
Foundation for Active Healthy Kids
International Play Association - Canada
HIGH FIVE® Alberta
HIGH FIVE® National
Hooked on Nature
Making All Recreation Safe™
National Child Day
Provincial Consortium on Youth
Toolfind - Outcome Measurement Tools
True Sport


Pamela Jones
Children and Youth Programs Coordinator
(780) 638-2915