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Building on the 2010 discussion paper PLAY: It’s Serious Business, an inter-agency team led by the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association and the University of Alberta engaged in a project examining 'nature play' during after school hours. Recognizing the need to re-integrate nature play into the lives of children, this project used research to examine current nature play perceptions and practices and provide recommendations for action.

This project was funded by Alberta Culture’s Community Initiatives Program.

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Nature Play Flashcards

Nature Play: Rediscovering Play in Natural Spaces (Flashcards)

ARPA Resources

PLAY: It's Serious Business (Discussion Paper)
In This Together: Rediscovering the Potential of Play in Natural Spaces (Research)
In this Together: Quantative Summary (Research)
What’s Happening ‘Out There’?: Nature Play in Out-of-School Programs (Powerpoint)

Other Resources

Connecting Canadian with Nature (Canadian Parks Council)
Nature Play & Learning Places (National Learning Initiative & National Wildlife Federation)