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Posted / by Anna Holtby

Yardstick Parks Overview Presentation

Innovation and better management of your parks is achieved through the sharing of knowledge and information. Park managers developed Yardstick for the industry as a benchmarking tool to collect, share and compare vital information to measure current performance and drive future improvements. The Yardstick Parks Overview presentation is an opportunity for Parks managers to get together and find out more about how Yardstick can provide essential tools to collect and compare both management and user information.

Chris Rutherford, Project Director will provide a summary presentation of the project at the Percy Page Centre.

Date: Monday, September 24th, 2018
Location: Percy Page Centre, 11759 Groat Road NW in Edmonton

The presentation is scheduled to take around 2 hours, and will be followed by refreshments and an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. Interested organizations are invited to attend to find out more about the Yardstick Benchmarks Project which the City of Edmonton are current members of.
The presentation will include a brief review of the results of the project for 2018 and a discussion on how the use of these results can benefit your management and operations. 

Please RSVP with your interest to attend this presentation to Steve Allan at 

Note: there is no cost to attend the presentation but registration would be appreciated for catering purposes