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Posted / by Anna Holtby

Parks for All: An Action for Canada’s Park Community

Dear members of the Parks Community,

We wish to share an important update on the development of Parks for All: An Action Plan for Canada’s Parks Community.  Many of you have actively supported the content of this pan-Canadian initiative throughout the past few years and we’re delighted to share just how far we’ve come!

On June 28, 2018 Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial Ministers responsible for parks, protected areas, conservation, wildlife and biodiversity convened in Ottawa and they officially endorsed Parks for All — with the exception of Quebec (stating support for the vision and goals through its own efforts), and Ontario, who observed the meeting due to the pending swearing in of its new government.

Here is a link to the News Release.

AND, here is a link to the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) website (English and French), which is hosting information about Parks for All, including free downloadable copies of the document and the video that was shared with Ministers last week.

Parks for All has now been approved by the Boards of Directors of CPRA (November 2017) and the Canadian Parks Council (January 2018).

The Canadian Parks Council and CPRA will continue to work in partnership to advance the actions we have collaboratively developed with all of you. It is anticipated that the next step for endorsement will be to table a resolution in support of Parks for All at an upcoming Federation of Canadian Municipalities meeting.  Another focus of our work will be promotion, and the development of a tool or process for evaluating how we’re collectively doing at achieving the Park for All strategic directions (Collaborate, Connect, Conserve, and Lead), and their associated actions.

CPRA has developed a Parks Task Group that will work on implementation efforts for the municipal parks sector and is also pursuing youth engagement initiatives for implementation of Parks for All. CPRA will also continue moving Parks for All forward under Goal 3 of the Framework for Recreation in Canada.

We are also pleased to share the province of Quebec, under the leadership of Sépaq, will be hosting the next Pan-Canadian Parks Conference from October 7-10, 2019.  A Steering Committee has been established and work is underway to make the 2019 Conference an opportunity for diverse perspectives to come together in ways that promote and advance the wide-ranging benefits of parks in Canada.  Once the conference website is launched this fall, we will follow up with more information.

Enjoy the summer and we hope you spend lots of time outdoors in support of Canada’s incredible network of parks!

All the best,

Dawn Carr ( and Murray Kopp (
Co-chairs of the Parks for All initiative