YDRS Award Recipients

HIGH FIVE Recreation Services Award
2014: Cardel Place 
2012: Collicut Centre

HIGH FIVE Outstanding Achievement Award
2014: WinSport
2012: City of Calgary

HIGH FIVE Trainer Award
2014: Leah Wirun
2012: Nici Carmicle

HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development Award
2012: Jennifer Gristwood

Purple Badge Award
2012: Heather Cowie

Kids at Hope No Exceptions! Award
2014: Hanna Learning Centre
2012: City of Edmonton

Kids at Hope Community Services Award
2014: Devon McMan
2012: Grande Prairie

Kids at Hope Outstanding Achievement Award
2012: Doray Veno

Kids at Hope Trainer Award
2012: Leanna Moon

YDRS Community Connection Award
2014: Sturgeon County Youth Council

YDRS Learnership Award
2014: Flagstaff County

Everybody gets to play Community Innovation Award
2012: Strathcona County