Recreation for Life Foundation YDRS Registration Bursary

There are five $200 awards available as part of the YDRS Symposium Registration Bursary. Please note that these awards are reserved for post-secondary students or new professionals.

Apply Now

Deadline for application is January 30, 2018.

new professional is an ARPA member* who has either:
     A)  started a career in the sector in the past five years OR
     B) graduated from a degree or diploma in a related program in the past five years

student is an ARPA member* who is currently enrolled in a post-secondary degree or diploma in a related field.

*If you work for a municipality in Alberta, please check with your supervisor to verify that you are an ARPA member. If you are unsure whether or not you are an ARPA member, contact our office at 780-415-1745 to confirm.

If you have questions about this application please contact Pamela Jones.