2016 Canadian Parks Summit

More information available on the offical Canadian Parks Summit website hosted by the Leisure Information Network.

April 11-14, 2016
Coast Canmore Hotel and Conference Centre

This first event of its kind, The 2016 Canadian Parks Summit will bring together representatives of Canada’s three levels of government responsible for national, provincial/ territorial and municipal/regional parks, and relevant national, provincial, and territorial associations, as well as other invited stakeholders collectively representing broad interests across the nature continuum.

Its purpose is to:
1) Examine and discuss challenges and opportunities facing public parks and protected areas
2) Enhance the impact of parks services at the national, provincial, territorial, and municipal levels, and connect more Canadians to nature.
3) Help set the park management agenda in Canada for the next generation.
4) Launch an ongoing dialogue and collaboration
5) Identify priority actions and define a charter document to guide park managers far into the future.

The Summit is an initiative of the Canadian Parks Council (CPC) and the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA), as well as other stakeholders. The event is being organized by a Secretariat made up of representatives from the Canadian Parks Council, CPRA, Alberta Parks, the University of Alberta and the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association (ARPA), with input from a National Advisory Committee, which is meant to be multi-sectoral, intergenerational and regionally representative.

The Summit Participation will be by invitation only with a total of approximately 158 representatives from the following communities: 

• Federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments
• National, provincial and territorial associations
• Academic institutions
• Corporate and private sector businesses
• Related voluntary sector associations
• Allied sector government departments and organizations (e.g. health, education, municipal affairs)
• Aligned agencies (e.g. Federation of Canadian Municipalities)
• Experts, emerging leaders and students