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Communities ChooseWell


Join the Movement to make Alberta communities healthy communities!

Communities ChooseWell is sparking a movement in Alberta to create healthy communities where eating well and being active are valued and are an easy choice for everyone.

What is a healthy community?

Health and wellbeing aren't just influenced by hospitals, doctors, and drugs; most of what determines health and wellbeing happens outside of the health care system and in the places where people live, learn, work, and play - in communities.

For example:

  • Can your community members access and afford healthy food?
  • Are there safe and accessible places to go walking or ride a bicycle?
  • Do community events and facilities promote healthy choices?
  • Is there a culture of wellness in your community?

In healthy communities, encouraging residents of all ages to achieve and maintain their best possible health is a priority. Healthy communities support their residents in adopting healthier lifestyles by fostering access to physical activities, nutritious foods, tobacco-free environments, and social connections that foster positive mental health.

Communities that support healthy living make it easier for all residents, regardless of age or ability, to make healthy choices every day.

What is Communities ChooseWell?

Communities ChooseWell is a FREE program open to anyone who wants to be a champion for community wellness and develop or improve programs, places, policies, and partnerships to create a healthy community!

Join the movement today! Click here to learn more and find out how you can get involved.

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