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The Lieutenant Governor's Leadership for Active Communities Award

This award honours the legacy of the Honourable Norman Kwong’s honourary patronage of the Alberta Active Communities initiative.

This province-wide awards program recognizes the achievements of teams and individuals who:

  • Demonstrate the very best of active community leadership,
  • Engage citizens in planning,
  • Use leadership to get people more active more often,
  • Work to create places, spaces and opportunities for people to be active and engage in their communities, using recreation as a catalyst.

Award Criteria

Any Alberta resident, group or corporate entity that is inspirational in engaging the community toward positive outcomes that build a more active community is eligible for nomination.

Applications are now closed for 2018.

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Past Recipients

Category Description Year
1. Group Spirit of Community Leadership This award will be presented to an Alberta based organization, committee, coalition or informal group of three or more citizens whose mission addresses leadership for active communities in Alberta and demonstrates community leadership that results in increased citizen engagement, higher levels of participation in recreation for healthier, balanced lifestyles. This group should represent diverse sectors of the community including recreation, social services, health, childcare, service clubs, agriculture, education, etc. Now Closed
2. Elected Community Leader This award will be presented to a local, provincial or federal elected official who has contributed to the development of active community leadership by:
  -Promoting and supporting recreation and parks as a catalyst for healthier and more active communities.
  -Supporting community development strategies to enhance active lifestyles.
Now Closed
3. Professional Leadership

This award will be presented to an individual or group who has demonstrated exceptional professional achievements in leading strategic change that has resulted in citizens becoming more physically active in their communities. The nominee’s field is typically community-based recreation, parks and/or active living, and the nominee will have led large-scale change by inspiring, planning, facilitating, and engaging others in creating an active community.

Now Closed 

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