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RecMetrics is a comprehensive analytical service that allows parks and recreation users to compare their operational and financial data with other municipalities and organizations. Users are empowered with detailed reports that can be used to identify areas of improvement and advocate for increased funding.

RecMetrics: Intro

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RecMetrics: Full Service

Financial Management Module

Compare your organization or department’s financial management and resource allocation in this RecMetrics module. Topics include:

  • Overall Expenditures and Trends
  • Revenue and Expenditure Analysis
  • Cost Recovery
  • Capital Financing
  • Financial Management Strengths and Weaknesses

Facilities Module

Analyse the operations of your indoor and outdoor recreation facilities in this RecMetrics Module. Topics include:

  • Facilities Inventory
  • Facilities Policies and Planning
  • Facilities Capital Planning

Human Resources Module

Evaluate the ‘people power’ of your organization and assess how you recruit, manage, and develop your employees. Topics include:

  • Staff Size, Turnover, Benefits, and Budget
  • Volunteers
  • Collective Bargaining and Contracting Out
  • Recognition, Retention, and Professional Development
  • Job Descriptions and Responsibilities


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