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Sobeys 21 Days to Healthy Eating Challenge

Resources for Communities ChooseWell Leaders

Click here to go to the ARPA Communities site where you will find:

- Sobeys 21 Days to Healthy Eating "Getting Started Guide"
- An electronic version of the calendar
- A poster template to promote the challenge
- A ready made article to put in community newsletters
- Ready made social media posts to promote the challenge
- A printable manual family registration sheet
- A Sobeys store contact list

Please contact Patrick MacQuarrie at or at (780) 644-6977 for ChooseWell Leader log in information. 

Resources for Individuals and Families 


Register: Register your family for the Sobeys 21 Days to Healthy Eating Challenge to be entered to win prizes including gift cards to healthy eating or active living businesses close to you! Click here for the registration form. 


Healthy U- Recipes: Check out Healthy U's healthy, fun, and easy family recipe ideas, designed by dietitians using Canada's Food Guide. Click here to check out the recipes. 

Table Conversation Ideas and Games

The Family Dinner Project: Conversation Ideas and Games has some awesome suggestions to make your family dinners more interactive and fun. It also includes food tips, and a family blog! Click here to check it out! 

Healthy Eating - Online Resources

Healthy U: Click here to check out " Healthy U`s" website which is full of articles , recipes and information about healthy eating.

The Healthy U Food Checker: Use this tool to compare nutrition criteria from a nutrition facts table to find out if your meal plan qualifies as a `Choose Most Often`, `Choose Sometimes`, or `Choose Least Often` meal according to Alberta Nutrition Guidelines. Click here to go to the Healthy U Food Checker. 

Healthy Eating - Print Resources

Alberta Nutrition Guidelines: The ANGA assists Albertans to create healthier eating environments in their homes, workplaces and in public settings by making nutritional labels easier to read and providing tips on how to incorporate healthier choices into our meals and snacks. Click here to learn more.

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide: Canada’s Food Guide contains information on how much food you need, what types of foods are better for you, and the importance of physical activity in your day. Click here to download your copy of the food guide

Alberta Milk- Check out some of Alberta Milk's resources that can be downloaded for free or ordered at a very low cost including:

Plate Mate: This resource helps overcome the barriers to eating together as a family and includes tips, shopping lists and quick recipes.

Menu Planner: This tool is based on Canada’s Food Guide and helps menu planning for healthy meals. It is a re-usable wipe-off board with a shopping list and includes a marker.

Eat Together: This resource provides tips, shopping lists and quick recipes to help overcome the barriers to eating together as a family.

Click here to check out all of these Alberta Milk resources.

Additional Resources

Click here for a list of additonal resources including more recipe ideas, dinner time games and healthy eating info. 

Click here for a electronic version of the Sobeys 21 Days to Healthy Eating Calendar