The Alberta Recreation and Parks Association is pleased to oversee a variety of recreation and parks programs and initiatives in the province. Click on any of the program and initiative names below for more information.

ACE Communities & Active Community Strategy

What is it? Community Development Initiatives designed to help community leaders develop plans to get more people more active.

Who can benefit? Community Leaders & municipalities

What are the benefits? Leadership development combined with community plans to build stronger, active communities.

Communities in Bloom

What is it? An initiative focusing on enhancing quality of life by fostering environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement.

Who can benefit? Municipalities

What are the benefits? Increased civic pride and community involvement, along with many economic and social benefits.

Communities ChooseWell

What is it? An energizing healthy eating and active living initiative supported by Alberta Health.

Who can benefit? Municipalities, community leagues, schools, & First Nation Settlements

What are the benefits? Receive resources and funding for, and education about, promoting healthy eating and active living.

Diversity Friendly Communities

What is it? An initiative that focuses on promoting human rights in communities across the province.

Who can benefit? Rural Albertan communities

What are the benefits? Communities receive resources that help foster equality, reduce discrimination and racism, and remove barriers.

Everybody gets to play™

What is it? An initiative to make recreation more accessible for low-income children and youth.

Who can benefit? Recreation facilities, municipalities, & youth-serving organizations. 

What are the benefits? Resources to ensure that children and youth have the opportunity to participate in sport and recreation activities regardless of the barriers that low socioeconomic status families experience.


What is it? HIGH FIVE® is Canada’s only quality standard for children (ages 6-12) sport and recreation programs that provides a range of trainings, assessment tools and resources to ensure that organizations deliver the highest quality programs possible.

Who can benefit? Leaders, coaches, & instructors

What are the benefits? Ensures that leaders, coaches and instructors have the skills to nourish a child's mental, physical and emotional development.

Kids At Hope

What is it? A cultural framework that removes the 'youth at risk' stigma and demonstrates that all children are capable of success.

Who can benefit? Schools, youth-serving organizations, & communities

What are the benefits? Teaches about the meaningful relationships needed to instill hope in every child.

ParticipACTION Teen Challenge

What is it? A program that provides funding to organizations that get youth (ages 13-19) physically active.

Who can benefit? Not-for-profits, communities, organizations, schools, & recreational facilities.

What are the benefits? Since 2011, ARPA has funded over $31, 500 to 50 communities and organizations across Alberta that help teens get active

Service Excellence Program

What is it? A program designed to enhance quality delivery of local recreation and parks programs and services.

Who can benefit? Parks and recreation professionals, municipal councils, & communities.

What are the benefits? Current practices are measured against sector competencies to identify value for money.

Yardstick- Parkcheck

What is it? Benchmarking tool to collect parks management and planning information to measure current performance and drive future improvements.

Who can benefit? Parks professionals, municipal councils, & communities.

What are the benefits? The tool provides factual information that drives asset management and sustainable financial planning; helps set, monitor, and manage performance measures.