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The 2017 ARPA Conference Program Committee is currently inviting submissions from individuals and organizations interested in presenting at the conference. Click the blue titles below to read more details on the calls for presentations, or hit submit now if you are ready to share your ideas!

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Deadline: April 12, 2017

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Deadline: June 5, 2017


The conference theme is Change. Challenge. Opportunity. These are three powerful words we know quite well in Alberta. The past few years have been challenging times for many of our communities, and we believe Albertans can embrace this time as an opportunity for change. Below are some thoughts that better define the Conference theme:


  • The world is changing and the recreation and parks sector will need to constantly adapt to stay relevant and provide communities and citizens with the programs and services they want and need
  • The pace of change seems to be increasing with new technologies leading the way
  • Our organizations can sometimes seem to be in a state of flux with changing organization structures, and changing political priorities, and citizen and customer expectations
  • Our climate is changing and this is having an impact on our environment and communities


  • Alberta is mired in one of the deeper recessions we have experienced in decades. This has impacted our communities, families and organizations
  • Once factor of climate change is the increase in natural disasters that our communities are faced with. Recreation and parks plays a huge role in the recovery and resiliency of communities when faced with these extreme challenges


  • The important role that recreation and parks plays in communities cannot be understated
  • What opportunities lie ahead for ensuring the quality of life of all citizens
  • Exploring the power of collaboration
  • With this being Canada's 150th birthday, we are also looking for opportunities to celebrate our successes
  • Explore opportunities to work collaboratively with our Indigenous communities.

Do these themes inspire you? Interested in sharing your ideas with recreation and parks practitioners and decision-makers from across Alberta? If you have a compelling story/experience/idea to present, please submit a proposal by clicking the "submit now" button above.

Connecting Through Research 

The Alberta Recreation and Parks Association, in partnership with University of Alberta and Mount Royal University, are pleased to announce the third annual Connecting through Research stream as part of the ARPA annual conference.  This unique conference setting brings together academic, graduate, undergraduate and practitioner- based researchers to share peer reviewed work.  It is an opportunity to exchange knowledge, advance practices, policies and thinking in the field of recreation and parks, and broaden our professional networks.

Proposals can include completed research projects, studies in progress, or conceptual ideas on a variety of topics within the recreation and parks field.  Successful proposals will be delivered as engaging panels, interesting oral presentations (include time to engage in a short discussion with audience members), or interactive posters.  Proposals that identify the applied or connective nature of research will be more successful. Call for Submission is open until June 5th, 2017.  
Submission Response: Updated by July 14th, 2017.
The submission should include:

  • Title
  • Key Words: 3-5
  • Author(s)
  • Presenter(s) if different from above
  • Abstract -Max 350 words

A key aspect of the proposal included purpose, results, application or connection (for example: what are the implications of this study, how can the information presented be utilized by practitioners, what other research is needed, collaboration opportunities for researchers and practitioners) and methods.
Please avoid any self-identifying references in the abstract.

Ensure your file is:

  • Formatted for printing on 8.5 by 11 inch paper.
  • Double-spaced; 12-point font (preferably Arial)
  • Follows the Chicago or American Psychological Association or American Sociological Association formatting style.
  • Saved as PDF or Word for Windows

Paper and poster presentations are open to any discipline or topic of interest with a connection to recreation and parks, such as:

- Community Development - Conservation
- Youth Development - Inclusive Practices
- Canadian Sport for Life - Facility Development/Management
- Volunteers - Non-profit and Municipal Management
- Leisure Theory - Technology
-Parks and Open Space - Physical Activity
- Public Health - Professional Development/Adult Education
- Public Policy - Outdoor Rec. Management & Planning

Student Support

ARPA is committed to supporting student involvement.  Student rates, bursaries and room sharing options are available.  Please contact Craig Cameron.


Craig Cameron, PhD
Research Stream Chair
Senior Recreation Liaison
University of Alberta, Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation

ARPA Conference Research Stream Partners